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announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ surprise. the other a bit oa shock... unless your my pror brian stites... mark, start cl >>> the national championship game is set. one team is not much of a surprise, the other is a bit of a shock, unless you are a producer. here it is, the michigan team hasn't been in a while. there's the lead in the first half. it was a three point michigan lead. a missed lay up here. this ices the game. their first title game since 1993. kevin ware watching his cardinals battle in the other semifinal game. the cardinals storm back, 13 second half points from luke hancock. they win it and will face michigan on monday. >>> posey getting his mvp award before the game. this is the first giants' starting pitcher to lose runs this season. the giants lose 6-3. the a's get the lead, 6-3 the a's win. ,,,,,,,, (woman) 3 days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪
oa in antifamily decides that he wi ginto court arrest because he needs to jar the people of birmingham forward. was it planned? didn't happen that way? >> there is -- did it happen that way? >> there is some speculation. for all of his passion and narrative, he identified more with jesus than with moses. he views himself as suffering on the cross that he would suffer for his people so they could be redeemed. that was built in from the beginning. but even in the last few days, he was unsure. but it was ralph abernathy, his colleague, on thursday before good friday, who gives an incredible version of were you there when the cross of five my lord? and then will you join my disciples martin luther king and ralph abernathy tomorrow? innocence, ralph abernathy was ahead of king because king was faltering -- in a sense, ralph abernathy was ahead of king because king was a faltering profit. he was a very human profit. -- human prophet. ands: i love the back story these prophetic moments in history. but there is even a story on how he got a newspaper. how he gotory of access to a
the gusty northwest winds. klannha t 6,oa s inhe lowo mid-60 and a look ahead starting off with ccoitions for the end of the weekend, and the coolest day should be monday. much, much warmer into the end of the work week, abc7 news as another great weather resource to follow, doppler on twitter. the latest weather conditions, rain or shine, and "spare th air" alerts, powerute information and tweets from your fav riff weather team. >> ama: mike shumann is back. i love it. i can sit on my couch and call up the masters and say tiger did something. >> tiger woods was playing angry today at the masters. got some surprising news this morning when he arrived at the course that alt >> mike: tiger woods was called into the principal's fi this morning regarding a rule o his shot yesterday. tiger's shot hit the pin. went into the water. he had three options. hit from the drop zone, the point of entry or the original spot. he dropped it two yards from the original spot which is a penalty. so essentiallyhe signed an incorrect score card which is usually a disqualification. but the ruling was not mading
objetivo no es hablarle sol oa la gente dem i iglesia, a personas de diferentes religiones, mi objetivo es ayudar a la gente en sus retos. > > los feligreces reciben la ovación, de la muerte de su padre fue la cabeza de la iglesia, desde entonces la asistencia ascendió a 40 mil asistentes, además con su esposa son incono de la iglesia ,durante los últimos 8 años las personas llena los estadios para escuchar sus mensajes de esperanza. >> sin embargo es criticado porque no es bien que un pastor tena características como una estrella de rock . >> me siento muy honrado por ello, nunca me he sentido así, me siento inspiraod, lo único que se me ocurre es que me siento muy honrado, muy premiado y me hace hacer lo mejor posible y animarles a hacer su vida mejor . >> algunos cristianos les molesta que mencione a satanas los pescados y sermones . >> lo hago, pero siempre he sido una persona positivo, así que lo hago de una forma positiva, además creo que muhca gente tienie demasiado en esta vida que los empuja hacía abajo, se sienten culpables y cuando vienen donde me presento yo les dig
-- instead of a -- we did that instead oa more rigorous style. we did that in a way to be as journalistic as possible. >> the film takes us back to 1989. , theedia, the public legal system. do you recall your own response back then? >> i live and work in a little village in new hampshire. i wanted to work with an editor and i did editing in new york city. it needed weekly to new york. i was in new york -- i commuted weekly to new york. i was in new york. no one could help but the in an avalanche of coverage. it was on every news station and every tabloid. all an intense competition, screaming for the loudest kind of headlines. it was hard to miss. what happened? the sense of falling into a bottomless pit. i did note later on from the distance of new hampshire that when they were -- they have the convictions vacated, it had such little notice in comparison. a committed the other forces to sort of suggest the insane alternative narratives. city maintains that they what reyes or that they must have done something. they fasten late like impound arguments likerguments -- fa ping-po
oa military c-4 product. in other words, a military type of product. >> megyn: how does that help us get to answers if we know that? >> well, it doesn't initially. it actually, it has absolutely nothing to do with the investigation initially because all of that is visual. and an actual forensic examination is required in the laboratory to determine what type of explosive that was use. and when he we determine $. >> i'm sorry, go ahead. >> do you have any thought in looking at these blasts, on whether, you know, any hunch, anything based on your experience whether these were likely detonated remotely? there's been some speculation by cell phone. >> there's no way to tell by just looking at them at all. i mean, i can speculate just as well as anyone else and my speculation without any shred of evidence is that they were, you know, logically a timed device inasmuch as you have two devices that are exploding within, let's say 15 or so seconds of each other. >> if you look at this, tom, is it clear to you that this -- well, i mean, we know it's an act of terror and the president's called
falling 5.5% dipping below $400 oa share. in september apple traded above $700 a share. even as demand stays strong for the products there is concern about if in the overall economy's future. apple stores are still full of shoppers but some apple investors have an empty feeling these days. shares of the company are now down to levels not seen since 2011. is it time to panic? >> in my 30 years the warning that apple days are over and numbered have come up four or five times and apple has always rebounded. >> apple shares have soared and sunk along with the overall market even shaping things up for bay area gold buyers and sellers. he saw his shiny investments tumble hundreds of dollars in a week. >> we are going to give you a total. >> to be honest with you when i saw it i literally had a heart attack. i have been saving gold because i believe in it going back up. for it to go down like the way it did is really, really scary. >> reporter: for santa clara university professor alex field patience is what we need here. >> i am one of the people who feel you kind of need to look beyond day
to the oas, daddy tried to call a conference about these republics. he caught at the pan american union. he had a holster division for this greater america. people didn't come. they stalled. people died on the way. there were too many animosities. first he didn't want to make the united states that has vice president invited the united states. it became, this revolution has plowed this the because he couldn't move what he really wanted to move, which was the unification of all of latin america. thank you. >> i just would like you to add a footnote to your answer about the education of bolivar by including -- >> absolutely, one of his early tutors. he was tutored by a number of people in venezuela. one of the great literary figures supplied america. he happened to be not too much older than bolivar was brought in as a tutor. >> thank you for that. >> you mentioned one gentleman. but you mind talking a little bit about the person, who he was and what influence he had on bolivar. benefactor push you a little, second question i give you an idea for your next book. is there any correspondence be
. >> his name and jian django and chain. it went on to win two oscars, oa best screen play. pla now it kicks off this week'swe list of new releases with a dvd combo pack. >> in my world you have to get dirty. >> it features a star studded cast, including jamie foxx, psalm ul jackson. jackson. and leonard do di de caprio. ca >>> you're not just a singer,si, you're a star. >> the film features frank singer, van esand kathleen ohara. in new music, willy nelson and family introduce let's face thee music and dance. danc the collection of standards is the first in the series of releases to mark nelson's 80th birthday. fallout boy is out with their first album in years. in new york ashley devorkian fox news. >>> major league baseball paid d tribute to jackie robinson. it was the 56 anniversaryniversy marking the legend the dodger dg lenlegend broke the color barri. the nats were miami hoping to shake off that sweep of the the braves. top of the first already up by two. tyler perry getting the first os the season. brian scored, the nats depo up p by four with 5 innings in the first inning.
. but i'm also oa lot of medications that dry my mouth out. i just drank tons of water all the time. was never enough. i wasn't sure i was going to be ab to continue singing. i saw my ntist and he suggested biotene. it feels refreshing. my mouth felt moreubricated. i use the biotene rinse twice a day d then i use the y throughout the day. it actually saved my career in a way. because biotene really did make a difference. >>> the month of march saw a big slump in economic indicators. like retail sales, consumer confidence all slipping. was march just an air pocket, a blip, or is the economy slowing down again? joining me now is financial economist lindsay and brian westberry. lindsay, we've had these green shoots pop up in the first part of every year for four or five years. and then they go away. is this another sign of that? >> there's certainly no doubt january and february were quite robust. now we're starting to see weakness in march but i really think it's march that's indicative of what we're going to see as we move into the second quarter. this is very similar to what we saw
lippa . the part choral, part oa theater performance is set to premiere june 27th and 28. it will be part of the san francisco gay men's chorus 35th anniversary celebration concert. >> milk was assassinated. >> stockton is officially the largest city in the nation to file for bankruptcy. a federal judge set the the city's application, even as the creditors claimed stockton could find the money to pay its bills. attorneys for the city countered that the city's budget and services have been cut to the bone. the case is being watched closely. stockton carly of the california public employees retirement system $900 million. a situation other cities find themselves and as well. will be right back on the kron 4 morning news on this tuesday morning. the live look outside from our roof camera. we are done with the rain for now. we have some fog to deal with. the forecast coming up after the break time. >> 4:12. >> we are back here s 4:14 on the kron 4 morning news. we want to get an update of the weather forecast. where wet yesterday morning let us find out what is for today. >>
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the idea that an organization oa an individual would pick a high-profile event in which thec no the cameras will be rollingil to conduct an attack, means that they don't have to worry of propaganda and media. the cameras are going to produce that media for them. for th you will say that a more healedd organization is going to have he their own media capability mayby not rely on an event of this magnitude. however, this is not something that is unique to anyone one ideological group. this was a lot made of thee timing of the attack, this is on tax day, near the event patriots day and the near the event of waco and et cetera. cetera. terrorism is an opportunity of capable and motive. moti someone had the motive, developed the capability and the opportunity happened to be thiss on this high-profile event on-po this week. week that may be a coincidence, basen on the opportunity of having a i lot of people and a lot of cameras. >> we also, we understand andndd have over the years when iraq and afghanistan you hear about improvised explosive devices ieds, this thing described as as that as well.t
and be back in a minute. but autt hillshire farm, cooki oa turkey is a delicate thing.t. righrit on tonhe dot and the mes silky and swimming in pan roasted juices.. it's w'shy every batch of our fm raised turkey turns a mere sandwich into something... turnwaitwa for it...mesmerizing. something... hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. >> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. >> presence on the peninsula want to get rid of their guns in their homes can receive as much as $200 a gun buyback event this weekend. the buyback program is scheduled from 9:00 a.m. until noon tomorrow at the south san francisco court house. >> that is located at 1050 mission road. the buyback program is sponsored by several peninsula city police departments those cities are listed on the screen. eligible participants receive up to $100 for rifle, handguns and shotguns. to adults for assault style weapons >> and taking a look at your weather we have patch fog this morning. we will be back with more on the kron 4 morning news. >> watching national weather. three people have been killed in the powefirst powerf
the life o'a 14-year-old boy from santa rosa. the ewe baa county coroner's office will soon be ruling that the march 16th crash that killed marcus johnson and dale wonder gem was an accident. authorities say the investigation of the car did not turn up any evidence of malfunction or a problem with the steering wheel, but they say it is possible that steering wheel may have come loose. >>> we are learning new information about that deadly fire in the south bay that killed a 7-year-old girl. we want to show you a new picture from the family, maria gomez she was a 1st grader at grant academy in north san jose. her grandfather tried to save her after the bedroom she is her sister were sleeping in went up in flames. family members say that the mother lit a candle but blew it out before that fire started. this morning the san jose 49ers youth football and cheer teams are holding a car wash to help raise money for the family and their funeral expenses. >>> hundreds of people are expected to attend a candlelight vigil tonight for south bay teenager audrie pott. she's the 15-year-old who took
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who leak a little to gua grd their man mhood. with man m stylety protection. whoa..oa. of new dewepend shields and guards. who aro e you? thisth is mys house. perfpeect. ct.ome with me. builbut you yoa little man space under here. how ''bout tuthat. sweet. see dee pend shields and guards are made to fit guys. that'a's awesome. i traineaid thatth guy now it's your turn. go onl oine for my tmyips to help guard your manhood. with nthew depend, shields and guards. >> one of the final moments for last night's a's game that began as early early in the morning. brennan lost his second home run of the game with two outs in the bottom of the 19th inning to give the oakland athletics 810 to 8 victory over the angels and the log longest major league game of the season. the teams were on the field for 6 hours 32 minutes in the maritime game that ended at 1:41 a.m.. this is the longest game ever played in oakland and the longest and angels history as well. >> we will talk more sports with gary radnich coming up. also watching live from washington to see what is going on at the white house. there's
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with good jobsncg --aving a balanced oa t g the middle class.and focusaid last week, our in the next while will be on the guns and budget. i am pleased we will be joined by my colleague, congressman mike thompson of california. eighthssman thompson is a vietnam vet, a wounded vietnam vet, a hunter, a gun owner, and he is the head of artest forced on gun violence prevention, and he is the co-author in the house with peter king to put orth and manchin-toomey compromise that failed so sadly last night. we're so disappointed. our store was expressed appropriately by president obama last night. i invited mike to join us here to tell you where we go from here and to answer the question the american people are saying, what can we do to change this? mike, which speak to this. thank you for your leadership. >> thank you, it is a pleasure to join you and to talk about and to answer any questions that you guys may have on gun violence prevention. it was not just that toomey- manchin the menace that failed last night, it was everything, gu trafficking that faast night. if you are confused by the boat
glad i brought you to my boss's house for dinner. you even cut your own meat like oa big boy. there are lots of things that you want us to be impressed by, congress. we are not impressed he sat next to each other at the state of the union. to you know what the rest of --ricans call spending sitting next to somebody with wildly different political views? thanksgiving. we are not impressed when you complain about how bills are too long to read. the health care bill is 2000 pages. good. a bill that insures every person in america should be longer than the girl with the dragon tattoo. i do not think you read bills anyway. i think you vote on bills in the same way as the rest of us agree to updated terms and conditions on itunes. well, i should wrap it up. i am getting a red light. not the red light that signals i am out of time. but the red light that signals that the camera is low on batteries. in all is this, i want to thank the journalists here tonight. i could not do my job if he did not do yours. it is fitting that this event happened on the same weekend as the royal wedding
, they are law-abiding citizens. that's not an effective o.a.s. - that's not an effective use of law enforcement resources. but extending background checks to to private sails between private individuals, if it body did that it would put us inexorably on the path it a national gunning registry. the reason is simple. because by extending background checks to private transactions, the department of justice has been very candid about this, the national director of the national institute of justice explained that universal background checks with respect to them -- quote -- "effectiveness depends on requiring gun registration. " i'm happy to yield. mr. schumer: i appreciate that courtesy. i would ask my colleague this isn't it the case that the very background check proposed in toomey -- manchin-toomey is the same one that's been used for 17 years for f.f.l.'s, for fire firearm license ye's? isn't it the exact same one? mr. cruz: what is not the same is extending it to a private individual -- mr. schumer: but it is the same technique, the same entry into the work. mr. cruz: but what is consequence sh
not just get together oa. we hen months and struggling through these issues and each getting to know each other. second, i think i can speak -- that the majority in both caucuses want to get this done. are there people at the extreme sides of both caucuses? i believe that this is the you -- and ours to lose. he i think we have a great product here. it is really strong. i think we have a great unity among ourselves that will keep this a going through. i do not think it will be like gun control. i think the product that we are starting out with has broader support on a broader basis than guns did both in the senate and in the country. >> can i mention one compelling reason? when you look at the rep presentation of business, labor, religious community, the hispanic community, across the board, this is a coalition i never thought i would be standing with. but let me say thankal of our activists. this is why wccee it is because of this broad base of dedicated support for this legislation. >> they are the winds beneath our wings. >> can you tell us i do justify allowing millions of workers in
grateful for that. we o'a tremendous debt of gratitude to all of our law enforcement professionals. these men and women get up every day and they show up every day they are going don't always know what to expect. our thoughts thare wi the victims and we pray if you are eir recovwe send our prayers e collier family. police rn to be a officer. he was just 26 years old. his family said he died bravely and he committed his life to serving and protecting others. obviously, on the there is many other answered questions. among them, why did young men who grew up and studied here as part of our communities and country resort to such violence. how did they plan an carry out these attacks and did they receive any help? the families of those killed so senselessly deserve answers. the wounded, some of whom have to learn how to stand, walk, and live again, deserve answers. so i've instructed the f.b.i. and our intelligence community to continue to deploy all of the necessary resources to support the investigation, to collect intelligence, and to protect our citizens. we will determine what ha
oa slowing metabolism? i don't think so. new great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. new great grains protein blend. >>> good morning to you. it's 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. crews are working to repair a broken gas line near the valley fair mall. about an hour ago construction crew punctured a 3 inch gas line on the back side of the mall on forest avenue. no one was hurt and no evacuations are under way. no word yet on when crews plan to have that leak capped. the mall doesn't open on mondays for another half hour. san mateo county celebrating earth day banning plastic bags. starting today stores in unincorporated parts in dozens of cities will ban bags. customers will have the option to buy a paper bag for a dime. the law effects groceries, convenience store and other shops but not restaurants. plastic bags will also be used for produce, meats and prescription medicine. >>> a san francisco school getting a special visit from a giant. sergio romo will hang out with students at washington high
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)